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Natural Foods

Welcome to Huckleberry's Natural Market.

Huckleberry's Natural Market is located in many of our Rosauers Supermarkets. We have an excellent staff of knowledgeable and helpful associates to assist you in exploring alternative ways to provide healthy food, supplements and body care items for you and your family. We're committed to offering a vast array of high quality natural and organic products. Extensive research has been conducted to bring together a complete line of minimally processed products, free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Huckleberry's is proud to partner with over 200 Pacific Northwest vendors and regional and national suppliers who support the natural lifestyle. We believe in supporting local vendors and farmers right here in the Pacific Northwest. Look for the Pacific Northwest local label on hundreds of products in our stores.

Eating healthy and living well can be easier by choosing Huckleberry's Natural Market!

Gourmet Party Trays

For carefree entertaining order a party tray from Huckleberry's! Created with the finest ingredients, these Gourmet Trays are as great-tasting as they are good-looking! In addition, we are more than happy to prepare any of these trays on your own dishes.

Gourmet Trays are best when served as soon after preparation as possible, so Huckleberry's prepares your tray right before pick-up time. It's best to order at least 24 hours in advance.


  • Produce Party Trays

    Organic Relish Tray

    Small, Serves 25-30
    Produce 4-lbs., 14-oz.
    Dip 12-oz.

    Medium, Serves 35-40
    Produce 7-lbs., 14.5-oz.
    Dip 1-lb.

    Large, Serves 45-50
    Produce 11-lbs. 2-oz.
    Dip 1-lb., 4-oz.

    Organic Fresh Fruit Tray

    Small, Serves 25-30
    Produce 5-lbs., 8-oz.

    Medium, Serves 35-40
    Produce 10-lbs.

    Large, Serves 50-55
    Produce 12-lbs., 4-oz.

  • Boulangerie Party Trays

    Organic & Natural Fancy Meat Tray

    Small, Serves 16-24
    Produce 1-lb.
    Meats 3-lbs.

    Medium, Serves 24-32
    Produce 1-lb., 12-oz.
    Meats 4-lbs.

    Large, Serves 42-48
    Produce 4-lbs.
    Meats 6-lbs.

    Artisan Cheese Tray

    Small, Serves 37-42
    Produce 1-lb.
    Cheese 3-lbs. 8-oz.

    Medium, Serves 55-60
    Produce 1-lb., 8-oz.
    Cheese 5-lbs., 4-oz.

    Large, Serves 75-80
    Produce 1-lb., 12-oz.
    Cheese 7-lbs.

    Organic & Natural Meat & Cheese Tray

    Small, Serves 20-25
    Produce 1-lb.
    Cheese 1-lb., 8-oz.
    Meat 1-lb., 8-oz.

    Medium, Serves 35-40
    Produce 1-lb., 12-oz.
    Cheese 2-lbs., 4-oz.
    Meat 3-lbs.

    Large, Serves 40-50
    Produce 2-lbs.
    Cheese 3-lbs.
    Meat 4-lbs., 8-oz.

    Antipasto Tray

    Small, Serves 6-12
    Produce 1-lb., 12.2-oz.
    Cheese 8-oz.
    Meat 1-lb., 5-oz.

    Medium, Serves 12-20
    Produce 2-lbs., 15-oz.
    Cheese 10.6-oz.
    Meat 2-lbs., 3-oz.

    Large, Serves 20-30
    Produce 4-lbs.
    Cheese 1-lb.
    Meats 3-lbs., 4-oz.

  • Bistro Party Trays

    Bruschetta Platter

    Marinated tomatoes with feta, garlic, fresh basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar served with garlic crostinis.

    Medium, Serves 30
    Large, Serves 60

    Roasted Vegetable Platter

    Seasonal selection of marinated and roasted organic vegetables with herb aioli.

    Medium, Serves 30
    Large, Serves 60


    A delicious mix of roasted eggplant, sweet onions, red peppers, capers, kalamata olives, garlic, fresh basil, and olive oil served with crostinis and grilled pita.

    Medium, Serves 30
    Large, Serves 60

    Pesto Cheese Torta

    A blend of feta and cream cheese layered with fresh basil, sundried tomato pesto, and toasted pine nuts served with crostinis and grilled pita.

    Medium, Serves 30
    Large, Serves 60